Monday, June 4, 2012

House-for sale pics

 Living Room -other side of brown wall is kitchen
Living Room

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I recently got some Barielle polishes.  So far so good!  First one up is Beaches & Dreams:

Monday, January 16, 2012

Mission: Pink Pigeon Dupe

I find myself buying similar colors of bright lipstick but never really did a dupe comparison.  Here goes my first attempt at blogging and swatching.  I figured since I did all this work I might as well put it out there.

Row 2, 4th one in is the coveted Pink Pigeon

I did decide to throw in some pigmented glosses but stayed away from cream color bases (madly magenta) and cream blushes (Florida) but will maybe swatch those in the future.  Right now I'd say my skin is around NW20, maybe even NW15 on my hand.  Here is the breakdown:

Row 1:  Milani In Vogue (gloss) , NYX Louisiana, CG Temptress, unknown, Revlon Pink About It, Revlon lilac champagne, WnW 905d, Revlon Fuchsia 
Row 2:  Full Fuchsia, Gulabi, Party Parrot, Pink Pigeon, EA Pink Vibrations (candy yum-yum dupe?), Something New, Impassioned, Pink Friday, MUFE #37
Row 3:  Revlon Stormy Pink, Big Bow, Show Orchid, MUFE #37, True Babe lipglass, Pink Nouveau, Wonderstruck lustreglass, Naughty You, Chatterbox

Row 4:  Revlon Strawberry (gloss), NYX Beauty Queen, Speed Dial, V.S. Hot Spot, CG Fairytale, V.S. Be Mine, Speak Louder
Row 5:  OCC Trollop, NYX Dolly Pink, Milani Flashy (gloss), Milani Flashy (pencil), Illamasqua Frenzy (gloss)

Then I had an after thought so I did a few more swatches.  I added on to row 5 and added a row 6.

Row 5:  OCC Trollop, NYX Dolly Pink, Milani Flashy (gloss), Milani Flashy (pencil), Illamasqua Frenzy (gloss), Rare Exotic (mattene), Rimmel Rose Passion
Row 6:  Rimmel Nostalgia, Revlon Love That Pink, SH Pink Blossom, Fafi Gloss, Revlon Lollipop Lip Butter
Row 7:  Revlon Sweet Tart Lip Butter

I'm trying to figure out what color I'm missing in the first row :(