Friday, January 31, 2014

I'm just a product junkie looking for conditioners to love

Recently I have been doing some research on conditioners.  I've read that a lot of people don't need them but instead just need a detangler. Not I. I like to experiment and try new products, possibly more than the average gal, but I would always come back to Biolage Ultra hydrating balm.  As I was going over reviews on makeupalley for the next conditioner, I saw my beloved buhb was rated somewhat high and I decided to take a peek at what others were saying. Recent ones complained of a formula change making it useless and ineffective to some!  The horror!  I was picking out products not much after and the stylist convinced me to give it a try. Sure enough, the rumors were true.  It was crap!  I came across curly nickis page and saw she wrote about all products she has tried, good or bad. Today a ding went off when I realized I'm a product junkie.

I'm caucasian with natural 6a hair that is curently bleached. On the hair type charts I'm not sure if I'm a 1c or 2c. My hair is not as straifht as it used to be, maybe due to damage?  My hair is somewhat fine and I have a lot of it. Very long with frequent frizz issues.  Tangles are the biggest issue but since I have an oily scalp I only condition from about the ears down. Hot mess?  Oh yes!

Dove nourishing oil care daily treatment conditioner:  very good. Hair is soft and moisturized and it detangles well; strong scent that was pleasant but too strong.

Suave moroccan infusion deep conditioning shine mask:  very good.  I don't know about the shine, but it detangled and made my hair manageable. Once again, a very strong scent, this time not so pleasant. For such a low price, its workable. I added some to another mask and it took the edge off.

Osmo intensive repair mask:  good.  Now I have mixed feelings about this one because my hair wasn't super soft and detangled, but this appears to possibly be a protein treatment. I will update this later.

Biolage fortetherapie:  very good.  This has been discontinued but was a great product if you can get your hands on some old stock. I do think it was working to strengthen my hair but was also moisturizing at the same time.

Biolage hydrating balm: fair. This has also been reformulated and is not as great of a product anymore.  Not much for detangling or softness.

Joico Moisture recovery conditioner:  good.  This wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. When paying extra for salon products I hold them to a higher standard as far as if I'll keep using it or return it. This I returned. Not bad, but I need something that is really good for my finicky hair.

Redken real control conditioner:  good. Now this product is rated according to my needs which basically are.detangling and softness. The stylist at Ulta told me this is also part protein treatment too so I'm going to give this one some more time.

Aussie 3 minute miracle:  good.  I remembered this to be better than this last bottle. It made my hair soft but detangling could've been better, hence the rating.

Aussie dual personality conditioner:  fair. I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt because it has been a while but it didn't do much for me.

Organix argan oil of morocco mask (turquoise jar):  fair. This one didn't do much for me, especially for a mask. Maybe a little softening. I don't recommend.

Organix pomegranate conditioner:  bad.  My hair was more snarly afterwards and it was super staticky.

Ojon damage damage reversal conditioner:  fair.  I got these when they first came out as a promo from Sephora. A set of the full size containers.  So in this case I actually did use it with the matching conditioner and I still wasn't satisfied. Especially considering how much retail price is!  Some softness, minimal detangling. These I assume are protein treatments too so maybe that's why?  But it never said to follow wish another conditioner, etc.

Mayo mask from Sally:

Samy deep conditioning treatment:  poor.  I think my hair was more tangled after and there was no softness as the product claims. Total fail.

Tigi bedhead moisture maniac:  poor. I don't know if they.make this anymore, but they shouldn't.  It was bad, not moisturizing, left my hair in knots, and no softness.

Lanza healing moisture kukui nut conditioner:  good.  Nothing groundbreaking here. It made my hair soft and helped with the tangles a bit, but I liked its shampoo counterpart much more.

Lanza healing moisture moi moi hair masque:  fair. I really don't think this was much better than the conditioner and with a mask I guess I expect more than a light.conditioner.

Biolage colortherapie delicate care mask:  poor. This one was a dud. I'm not sure if it was because it was their first foray into more natural products or what. Returned.

Finesse clean & simple hypoallergenic conditioner:  poor. I think it made my hair worse. More tangles, dry, with really no benefits.

L'orĂ©al evercreme mask:  good.  Once again, a decent product that stinks. Ok its an ok vanilla scent but is incredibly strong. Smell before you buy and only if bathing in it suits you.

John frieda rejuvenating mask:  fair. A disappointment as a mask, ok as a conditioner. Mild detangling and softness.